Framed (har har)!

onigaminanashi's family threw a big neighborhood party for her grandma's 70th birthday this past weekend in Fresno and I got roped into taking pictures.  Kailey thought a photo booth thing would be fun for the guests, so I had to dust off all my photography equipment that's been sitting in storage over the summer.  This was the first chance I really got to use the Promaster studio flash kit that my dad bought me just before Boot's Cameras went out of business back in the spring, so I was pretty stoked about that.

We were originally going to use this purple grapevine background (read: tablecloth), but one of Kailey's cats knocked over a bottle of oil all over the darn thing.  I think the backdrop worked out for the autumn and wine themed party.  The whole thing turned out pretty well and I think the guests enjoyed the novelty of it.  I had a shutter trigger for the guests to use and take photos of themselves, so I didn't have to hover around very much either. 

Anyway, I haven't had much time to photograph anything at all (except for Backyard Kitteh) since I started taking classes and continuing working on research this quarter.  I suppose for the time being, though, as long as I can get a person in front of my camera for a bit (even if it's just studio), it's better than nothing.  I definitely miss all this, though!  Maybe over winter break when I'm done with my current research projects, i'll have more time to grab some friends and have them model for me.  

Anyone volunteers out there?  :)

onigaminanashi posing with her princess tiara


Snow rabbits

More reminiscing!  Once when my family was driving through Lake Tahoe for a winter vacation (around 1996?), my dad excitedly pointed out the window and said, "Look, kids! There's a snow rabbit out there!" My sister and I pressed our little faces to the window trying to spot the snow rabbit, but all we saw were snow-covered pine trees and not much else. We complained that we couldn't see the snow rabbit, but my dad kept insisting it was out there and was just really well camouflaged against the snow.

Even though my dad won't directly admit it, I have a sneaking suspicion there wasn't actually a snow rabbit out there that day. I think he was just having fun messing with us. My sister and I were happy thinking there was a bunny hopping around out there and I'm sure my dad just liked seeing us smile. I have every intention of doing this to my own children, once I have them. Years from now.

Anyway, the hunt for the elusive snow rabbit continues!

Photo: Pooter is what I call my boyfriend, short for Chrissypooterpillar. D'aww.

Om noms


When I was about 4 or 5 years old I went to the doctor for skin problems, which turned out to be eczema.  My doctor went over a couple of things I should do to help ease the itching.  I don't remember exactly everything he said, but at the end of it all, the one thing that stuck out was don't eat any chocolate.  For the next several years of my life, I did a pretty good job of not eating (much) chocolate, but every now and then I'd have a small bite of a chocolate bar.  

Around high school (about 6 years ago), I started eating a bit more chocolate, with no major skin problems.  And then one day during dinner, my dad dropped the bomb.  He 'fessed up and told me that just before the doctor talked to me, he had passed him a note that said something along the lines of "please tell her she can't have any chocolate."  The doctor apparently gave my dad a look, but still went along with it.  

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Photos: (left) dark salted caramels and (right) homemade thin mints

Om noms

I may, or may not, have an obsession with cats...

I woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 7 AM and looked out the window to see the stray cat I have affectionately (and unimaginatively) named Backyard Kitteh.  Most times the cat just sleeps in the backyard by my bedroom window, but this time it was just roaming around and eventually made its way over to the patio.  Of course I had to rush to the other room with my camera and photograph it through the sliding glass door.  

Like an obsessive cat person.



Rawr dinosaurs!

Yesterday I went to the Natural History Museum of LA County with Chris andpyrotic to check out their new dinosaur exhibit.  It's really quite incredible seeing these full-scale fossils and replicas throughout the exhibit.  I can't ever imagine having one of these walking around today.  I'd probably get squished by accident.  Or eaten.  Rawr!

There were also fossil displays of much smaller dinosaurs as well.  Some were small enough to fit in the palm of my hand!  Alas, I did not spot my namesake, the Fabrosaurus (to be fair, there's only a jaw bone, really), but I think we might have spotted another dinosaur that have been in the same family.  Close enough!  Does anyone remember the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park with the velociraptors?  Maybe this is old news, but those guys are small!  Much smaller than should have been depicted in the movie.  Oh well, it made for a thrilling scene.  

One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was watching a video demonstration on how researchers were able to re-create how the Parasaurolophus may have sounded.  Check out that sound clip!

Unrelated to dinosaurs, there's also this really big, narrow room that displays a fin whale skeleton from the ceiling, approx. 80-90 ft long (read: a bigass whale).  There are no other displays in the room, except for the this bass system set-up underneath the skeleton which plays deep rumbling sound every 30 seconds.  I don't know what it was, but just walking the length of the room was eerie.  



Billy Crystal comes to Fresno!

Last weekend the Fresno Grizzlies (the SF Giant's AAA farm team) hosted their final two home games of the season. Billy Crystal showed up at Saturday night's to throw the first pitch of the game and to also film for his role as Artie Decker, radio voice of the Fresno Grizzlies. He will star in the film "Us & Them" alongside Bette Midler, although a release date has not been mentioned yet.

Regardless, it will be exciting to see this movie when it comes out! The only times I really hear Fresno mentioned in TV shows, it hasn't been in the most favorable light. Fresno tends to be where all the crazies come from (read: I'm looking at you CSI:Las Vegas). We'll see what Hollywood does with our little farm town, although most of the filming will be done in Georgia, ha!

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Oh, and the Grizzlies lost both nights to the Sacramento River Cats. Not quite how I'd like to see my team end the home season, but that's all right. Next season I'll be back for more!


Mid-summer hiatus

It's been a busy past few weeks.  Summer is slowly coming to an end and it just feels like my parents are trying to  cramin as many weekend trips to San Francisco as possible before I head back to Riverside and my mom starts work again.  I've stayed on the boat (docked at Pier 39) more times this summer than I have in the last few years.  I forgot how much I miss sleeping on the boat.  There's just something so relaxing about being rocked to sleep at night.  Of course, it's an entirely different story when it's windy out and the waves are out of control.

Anyway, next weekend I'll be back up in the Bay Area to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday (and prepping for the arrival of my new nephew in December!) and possibly try to meet up with a friend from UCSB.  I get this week to recoup and then get ready for another weekend of travelling.  Maybe I'll even manage a month recap, if I can muster up the energy to try and remember what's happened haha.  When things calm down, I'll check back in to LJ again (although I'm glad I've missed out on most of the times the site has been down lol).

Until then, here's a photo of my cat just relaxing on my windowsill.  Lazy Sundays are the best Sundays.  :)

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